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Hermes Handtasche Birkin Bag Himalayan White Crocodile

During the 2010-2012 run of the Gris Cendre Himalaya the estimation is that only one Gris Cendre was made for every 10 Himalaya bags. The common belief is the regular Himalaya bag either a Birkin or Kelly meaning not diamond and gold hardware is made once for every 100 other niloticus croc handbags.

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The Himalayan Nilo Crocodile Birkin Bag sold at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills California.

Hermes handtasche birkin bag himalayan white crocodile. British actress Jane Birkin sitting next to Jean-Louis Dumas Executive Chairman of Hermes 1978-2006 was complaining that she couldnt find a bag suitable for her needs as a young mother. Its skin came from an exceptionally pale Hermes-bred crocodile said to be almost an albino. An Hermes Birkin Bag Gang Busted.

Who could have imagined that one of the most coveted objects of recent decades would be born in the sky in 1984 on a flight from Paris to London. A 35cm Himalayan Birkin is possibly the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world. This bag features a subtle coloration done in Nilo Crocodile that is meant to evoke images of the majestic Himalayan mountains.

An Hermes Himalayan is a bageither a Birkin or a Kellywith white gray and tan tones made from Niloticus crocodile an African not Himalayan animal. A born creator with a keen eye he. Last June an extremely low-key Hermes Birkin bag made of rare Himalayan crocodile and diamond-encrusted white gold hardware sold for the USD equivalent of 300168 making it the the.


The one with 245 diamonds and 18-karat white gold hardware was sold at 300168 which is equivalent to a whopping 14102643 in pesos. It has 18-carat gold hardware and is undoubtedly the most expensive bag. Its also an extremely rare breed made from the hide of a Niloticus croc and it goes through the same painstaking dyeing process to achieve that delicate blanc hue.

Prior to its auction at Christies Hong Kong on 30th May the coveted bag was estimated to fetch at most 260000 which could have been enough to make it the most expensive handbag ever. 4 viewed per hour. A star in its own right the Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin bag does attract equal if not more attention than the superstar singer and even more so when one of the most exclusive most expensive bags in the world is used as a gym bag.

The former footballer who has net worth of 500 million paid a reported 100000 for an albino Nilo crocodile Himalayan Birkin bag in 2008. The most expensive handbag ever sold at auctionfetching over 370000 at the June 2017 Christies auction in Hong Kongwas unsurprisingly an Hermes Birkin called the Himalayan due to its albino-white crocodile material and diamond-encrusted palladium hardware resembling the famous mountain region. The Hermes Himalaya Birkin bag made from the skin of the Niloticus crocodile found in Africa sold for a world record 230000 in an online sale held by London-based auctioneers Christies.

After selling at 300000 this diamond-encrusted matte white Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Hermes Birkin is the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction. The Hermes white Himalaya bag is colored in such a way that it looks like a sort of. Hermes White Himalaya Crocodile Birkin Bag The Hermes White Himalaya Crocodile Birkin Bag is a filthy luxurious hand-made bag with more than 240 massive diamonds embellished on its skin.

Sans the bling it is sold online for 100000 or roughly 46 million pesos. This Hermes White Birkin Bag Just Became the Most Expensive Handbag Ever Sold at Auction Hermes only very rarelyand very thoughtfullycreates unique pieces of this caliber says Finds. Not the place attire or treatment one would expect to bestow on the regal bag which retails for more.

But the real star of the show besides her oversized cat-eye sunglasses was her Hermes Himalayan crocodile Birkin bag which retails for more than 100000 that she brought along as a workout. Hearts new arm candy a 30cm Himalayan Crocodile Birkin looks identical and is almost of the same caliber sans the white gold and diamond-encrusted hardware. The exclusive white Himalaya Birkin handmade from Niloticus crocodile with more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold hardware is routinely in the top spot for most expensive bag this year.

Its meant to evoke the snow-capped mountains which is the one and only place the Himalayas come into the equation here. The 30-centimeter diamond Himalayan Birkin is possibly the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world. This dyeing process takes many painstaking hours to complete as the lighter the hue the more difficult the process.

The Holy Grail of these bags is the Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin. Himalaya is simply the Hermes shade name for this particular combination of white beige and gray. This bag is made of Nilo crocodile rendered in a subtle coloration that is.

The entry-level version boasts palladium hardware while the most exclusive Himalayans have white gold hardware encrusted with diamonds.

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